Mar 26

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Mar 23

Take a look at very revealing photos of female movie star Courtney Cox. I’ve seen lots of fake nude photos of her co-star on Friends, Jennifer Anniston. However, this is the first time that I’ve ever seen any of Courtney. I love Jennifer, but I’ve always been a fan of brunettes so this is like a dream come true for me. We get to see all of her luscious body and I’ll admit that would be enough for me, but soon we get to see her in the middle of hardcore action. I always knew that she loved cock and now we get to see her tender pussy getting pounded!

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Mar 19

After I watched Penelope Cruz in her Oscar winning role this year I searched everywhere looking for a little bit more of her, if you get my drift. Vicky Christina Barcelona was one hot butt movie and I have been dying more Penelope. I finally found everything I was looking for at Pop star DeFamer. They have be best digitally enhanced photos I have ever seen. Finally I got to see Penelope’s perk titties bouncing up and down as she drilled some stud. And don’t even get me started about being able to finally watch that luscious mouth sucking on a dick.

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Mar 16

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Mar 12

Well here’s one celebrity that I never thought we’d see naked and doing x-rated. Check out these faked pics of diva Sheryl Crow. There’s everything from her topless, showing off her perky tits to her completely naked, revealing all of her tender body. But it doesn’t stop there. She’s supposed to be the stunning All American babe next door, but in these pictures we get to see her getting pounded, sucking dick and even covered in cum. She’s definitely not as innocent as she’d like you to believe she is.

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Mar 09

I remember spending hours on the web with my friends, looking for pictures of Anna Kournikova. It was like the holy grail of pop star pictures. This was back when Anna was the most searched for celebrity online and still actually played tennis. Well, we never found any pics that were that great back then, but I just came across this gallery of faked Anna Kournikova pics that was even better than I could imagine. We finally get to see Anna completely naked, even get to watch as she gets pounded!

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Mar 05

Check out these photos that Faith Hill and especially her hubby don’t want you to see. We finally get to see her naked. We get to enjoy her beautiful body completely in these faked pictures. She’s always teasing, but now we get to see her huge breasts and what’s between her legs. But the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s pics of her sucking cock and getting covered in cum. It doesn’t look like that’s her hubby either. I always thought that she was a slut and finally I get to see her in action.

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Mar 02

Take a look at pictures of Jessica Simpson and see her like you’ve never seen her before. We finally get to see all of her voluptuous body. Even with all of her clothes on, it was clear that she has all of the right curves. Now that we finally get to see her naked, we really get to see how stunning of a body she has. She has a perfect pair of tits and the rest of her body isn’t bad either. I love seeing her with a penis between those boobs, sperm sprayed all over her. It’s a dream sperm true.

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Feb 26

Check out these very revealing photos of Rachel Stevens. I’ll admit that before I saw these photos that I had no idea who she was. I knew the name, but that was about it. However, after seeing these pictures of her, I had to go look her up right away. It turns out that she’s a British diva and actress, not the kind of celebrity you would see doing nude pics. However, in these faked photos we get to see her completely naked. But it doesn’t stop there. We get to see her playing with glass dildos, even playing with hard cocks. She looks so sweet and innocent, but these fake photos tell a different story.

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Feb 23

Take a look at very revealing fake pics of pop diva Victoria Beckham. There seems to be a lot of controversy about where her hubby, David Beckham will be playing soccer next season. I could personally care less about where he plays, except that I hope it’s in the United States so we can keep seeing her Victoria. She definitely makes things interesting. In this photo gallery we get to see her naked, getting blowjobs and even covered in sperm. We always knew that she was the naughty Spice Hottie!

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Jan 08

I’ve been a fan of Stacy Keibler since she was a wrestler and entertainer in the WCW. Some of the lingerie matches she did were in the WWE. The performances she put on in Dancing With The Stars were very erotic. But nothing compares to the faked pics in this CelebDeFamer photo gallery. We finally get to see Stacy without her wrestling costumes, with out her sexy dresses and see her completely naked. It wasn’t hard to see that she had an good body, but now we finally get to enjoy each and every inch of it.

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Jan 05

Check out these rather revealing pictures of female movie star Ashley Judd. I’ve been a fan of her for years, she’s been in a lot of thriller videos that I’ve really enjoyed. However, I think I enjoy these faked pictures of her even more. I never thought that we’d get see completely naked and enjoy her perky tits, sexy ass and tender pussy without any clothes on. I really never thought that we would see her doing hardcore acts like giving a handjob to a lucky male stud, fooling around with another woman and even getting a messy cumshot from two guys at once.

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Jan 01

Remember Felicity? Okay so I know the show was totally gay and only for chicks but I’ll admit to watching an episode or two just to catch a glimpse of Keri Russell with her curly long hair and her perky little boobies. Well as it turns out Keri grew up to be quite the hottie and as you know I’m totally obsessed with finding naked photos of all the hotties I love to watch on TV and when I found these photos of Keri Russell showing off her perky breasts and her sexy trimmed pussy in crotchless fishnet panties I knew you guys would love them as much as I did, sure they might be fake photos but they sure look real to me and as long as they look real and I can see tits or pussy or in this case both then I’m happy!

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Dec 29

Take a look at nude and topless photos of female movie star Tiffani Amber Thiessen. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had a crush on Tiffani since she was on Saved By The Bell. And what guy didn’t love her as the vixen on Beverly Hills 90201. I always knew that she was one of the starlets that got very slutty behind closed doors and now we finally get to see it all. We get to see her showing off her beautiful body, every inch of it. Of course, the pictures are faked, but as of now, there’s been no real pics that have been leaked. However with her, I have a feeling it won’t be long before they are some released "accidentally" to the web.

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Dec 25

Reese Witherspoon has always been one of my all time favorite movie stars because of her smile…i know that sounds gay but you know what I’m talking about. Reese is a smoking hot girl with a smile that says “if you’re lucky you’ll find out what a total slut I can be in the bedroom” all the while retaining that innocence that makes your penis rock hard. So anyway I’m always searching the net for nude photos of Reese showing off for the camera and when I found these photos of her I just had to share them because they’re insane!

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