Dec 22

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Dec 18

What male doesn’t love the Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who spent hours searching for photos of this blond vixen online. I know that I probably spent time when I was supposed to be studying and doing homework, wandering around the web with dreams of finding nude pictures of her. Well, now I found them. Take a look at nude photos of Anna Kournikova. She has a simply stunning body, near perfect. Of course, they’re faked but some of them are so real that I can almost believe that they might be real.

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Dec 15

Check out these these fake pictures of Faith Hill! They sure might be fake but these pics are smoking hot and they definitely get the imagination going! Everyone knows who Faith Hill is, even though I don’t like country music I know who she is from the sheer fact that she’s a smoking hot blonde who I would love to see naked hot blond who I would love to see naked! Not only does she actually have a great voice but Faith has a body that any dick would get rock solid for in .2 seconds! You won’t be disappointed when you check out these hot nudie fakes of Faith doing more than just flashing her titties! They even have fake photos of her flashing her pussy and getting drilled!

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Dec 11

Check out these faked nude and hardcore pics of Australian actress Isla Fisher. This redhead is probably familiar to a lot of you, but I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure exactly who she was until I remembered that she was in the blockbuster comedy Wedding Crashers. She’s been in several other videos, but I’ll always remember her from that one. What you can’t see in any of her vids though is her completely naked. You don’t even get to see her tits and you definitely won’t see her doing hardcore. But in this photo gallery and inside the members area of CelebDeFamer you can see that and a lot more.

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Dec 08

You probably know Jennifer Garner from her role on Felecity. But today, we have her starring in a different role. Today, we get to see her as a porn star. Check out these faked x-rated photos of this actress.We all knew that she was having sex, she’s been linked to several different actors, but who knew she was such a nympho. We get to see her having her pussy fucked by a number of different huge cocks. We can watch as she’s sucking cocks, wrapping her pretty lips around those erections. Even see her getting covered in jizz, bukkake style. I never would’ve guessed that she would turn out to be such a slut.

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Dec 04

Check out these faked x-rated pics of Mandy Moore. This diva, turned actress was supposed to be America’s cute heart. She was the hottie next door that girls could relate to and men and had crushes on. However, here she is getting gangbanged. She has one rock hard dick inside of her butt, and two more ready for some attention from her mouth. Who would’ve ever thought that such a sweet and innocent actress could be such a slut. She’s not one of those that you always see out partying and caught on film by paparazzi being naughty. However, behind closed doors she loves to get drilled and she loves to be covered in jizz.

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Dec 01

I always knew that Mariah Carey was a slut, I mean every week we hear about her dating some other guy, but now we get to see this pop diva in action. Check out these nude and x-rated photos of Mariah Carey. In these faked pics we get to finally see this singer completely naked and enjoy all of her sexy curves. Without a question, she has a banging body that I’ve been dying to see completely naked for years. We also get to see Mariah enjoying a rock hard cock deep inside of her pussy. She definitely turns into a slutty nympho when she’s out of the public eye.

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Nov 27

I’ve had boyhood crush on female movie star Julia Roberts since I saw her in the movie Pretty Woman. She made me think that all call girls were sexy leg her and I couldn’t wait until I got a job and could afford a woman like her. However, that dream was crushed when I watched the television show COPS and saw what hookers really looked like. However, I still have a crush on Julia Roberts and seeing her in these very revealing pictures has brought back a lot more memories and made at least one of my boyhood fantasies come true. I never thought that I’d get to see this beautiful girl completely naked and exposing her boobs and perfect pussy.

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Nov 24

Mandy Moore became a famous diva as a cute and adorable alternative to the oversexed Britney Spears in the early 2000’s. She was supposed to be the babe next door and her sweet chick image even carried over into her acting career. However, it seems that she wasn’t as innocent as she wanted everyone to believe. Take a look at x-rated pics featuring Mandy Moore. It turns out the whole time she was a total nympho. It seems that one dick just wasn’t enough for this celebrity, today we get to see her sucking and fucking two cocks at once, even getting covered in cum. White dick, black cock, whatever comes her direction is stunning enough for her.

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